Metroid Dread is the Best-Selling Entry in the Series

Metroid Dread was a smash-hit of a success with critics, but even among fans the game has garnered a lot of love and admiration. So much so that it has officially become the highest selling entry in the series to date. This illustrious position was previously held by another beloved installment in the franchise: the original Metroid Prime on GameCube.

The news comes from Nintendo of Japan’s latest Fiscal Year Report for March 2022. At 2.9 millions units sold, that puts Metroid Dread ahead of Metroid Prime by about 60,000 sales. This is wonderful news for fans of Samus Aran, as hopefully the success of Dread will mean Nintendo continues to have faith in 2D series installments as well as 3D ones.

Speaking of 3D Metroid games, there is still no word on when Metroid Prime 4 will finally be shown off in any capacity, but that’s a story for another day. Meanwhile, Metroid Dread continues to delight fans with new content, as a couple of free updates are available for the game. If you have yet to check them out for yourself, be sure to update the game and give them a try.

Source: Nintendo of Japan Financial Results Explanatory Material Fiscal Year Ended March 2022

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