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Metroid Dread patch 1.0.1 fixes game crash bug

Nintendo has released an update for Metroid Dread, fixing an issue that caused the game to abruptly close in certain very specific circumstances.

The issue was highlighted shortly after release, with Nintendo identifying the core issue and posting a simple workaround. That workaround is thankfully no longer needed, as the patch fixes the problem.

What triggered the game crash, leaving players with lost progression and a “The software was closed because an error occurred.” message, was the use of the game’s map markers. Toward the end of the game, if you used them to highlight and label specific door types on the map, the game would then crash if you interacted with a marked door.

Now you can mark doors and happily walk through them without issue.

Here’s the svelte patch notes:

Metroid Dread Ver. 1.0.1 (Released October 20, 2021)

General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where, if a map marker is placed on a specific door on the map screen (the door destroyed with the beam obtained at the end of the game), destroying that door at the end of the game would cause the game to forcefully quit with the message “The software was closed because an error occurred”.
  • Fixed several other issues to improve overall gameplay experience.

Metroid Dread Exploration

Outside of what was an inconvenient issue, Metroid Dread is excellent, and a glowing return for the series in its side-scrolling form. Continuing the story from the 19-year-old Metroid Fusion, and mixing it with modern gameplay intruded in Metroid: Samus Returns, it’s a must-buy for any fan of the series. In our Metroid Dread review, I wrote:

“Metroid Dread sees the galaxy’s best bounty hunter return in fine form. It takes the terror of being hunted from Metroid Fusion, the more modern direction of Samus Returns, and the freedom to add to the series’ decades of lore to create something that’s nigh on essential for Metroid fans.”

Source: Nintendo

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