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Metroid Dread Review


Metroid Dread is a game for the season only. It’s satisfying like an incredibly clicky toy and assuredly will find replayability in those looking to maximize their progress and speed. But it’s a brief foray for everyone else, like a single note trying to make as much music as it can with rhythm alone. And that’s not all bad — I could have just described a Rubik’s cube too. But the difference is that Dread makes promises. And whether I ignore the hype of hungry fans and Nintendo itself, or consider what the game in my hands sets out to do, Dread fails to deliver.

The biggest swing Dread takes, its whole conceit really, is purely tonal. Isolation, detachment, suspense — dread. It never really achieves this though. The opening hour is promising: Samus, the great hero we know, is tasked to merely survive her ascent to the surface of planet ZDR. She wakes up with amnesia after the first of many narrative contrivances, and her chances of achieving that basic goal look quite slim.

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