Microsoft Flight Simulator Content Missing? Here’s How To Fix It

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Some Microsoft Flight Simulator players are reporting issues accessing Deluxe Edition or Premium Deluxe Edition content for the game. If you're experiencing this issue, Microsoft has released a fix for it, and it consists of a simple set of instructions to follow.

How do I fix Microsoft Flight Simulator "missing content" errors?

This error actually crops up on Microsoft's list of known issues with Flight Sim on Steam. The problem occurs when trying to access certain content in the Deluxe Edition or Premium Deluxe Edition versions of the game, which each contain extra planes and airports. Essentially, the game will throw an error message at you that the content you're trying to get to is missing. To fix this problem, just follow these steps:

  • Sign out of your Steam account
  • Log back into your Steam account
  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator again and you should see the DLC available to download within the game's content manager
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Sign out of and back into your Steam account to fix missing content messages in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It doesn't help that Microsoft itself appears to be confused about how to fix this issue. In response to player complaints, a Flight Sim developer posted a list of instructions for how to fix the missing content problem, but they seem to only selectively work for some users and not for others. The two different sets of instructions contradict one another, which contributed to the confusion. Follow the ones above and you'll be fine; simply exiting Steam doesn't fix the problem. Only logging out of and back into your account will solve it.

Other known issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator include crashes when plugging in peripherals, a "please insert disc" message appearing, and some airliner core systems being incorrectly implemented. In addition, the game's content manager won't load content if you're offline, and deleting first-party content causes it to be downloaded again at next startup. For a full list of known issues, check out Microsoft's official Steam thread.

Are you playing Microsoft Flight Simulator? Have you experienced this "missing content" issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Content Missing? Here's How To Fix It

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