Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Top Gun: Maverick Expansion Delayed To Line Up With The Movie

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be pushing back its Top Gun: Maverick expansion to coincide with the movie’s new release date. Earlier this week Paramount Pictures announced that all the studio’s movies that were to come out in 2021 will be postponed to 2022. The reason being the spike in Covid-19 cases and the Delta variant causing fewer people to visit movie theatres.

Top Gun: Maverick has a new release date of May 7, 2022, which means that the free expansion will also launch around that date if not on it. Paramount also announced that Jackass Forever and Mission: Impossible 7 will be pushed back.

“Paramount Pictures recently shifted the release date of Top Gun: Maverick to Memorial Day weekend, May 27, 2022,” said the Flight Simulator website. “As we have previously announced, the Top Gun: Maverick expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 10 PC, Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass will be released alongside the movie. We look forward to sharing more information in the future.”

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Flight Simulator’s World Update 6 was also delayed to make sure that it “reaches a very high level of quality”. The update will now come out on September 7 and feature a number of enhancements for Germany, Austria, And Switzerland. It will also be bringing new aerials and elevation maps, new photogrammetry cities, 4 hand-crafted airports , nearly 100 POIs and new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips.

It will further see the SR22 airplane get a revamp to better match the Pilot's Operating Handbook and the Gyro Drift rebalanced depending on the difficulty setting. An offscreen terrain pre-caching graphics settings has been added in order to avoid texture popping, however overall performance may be impacted. Maximum photogrammetry draw distance has also been increased, resulting in buildings being seen from farther away.

However, if you want to take a step back from the simulator's realism, you can try your hand at flying around Mario Kart 8 tracks thanks to a mod. The mod by Illogicoma has added courses like Moo Moo Meadows, Cloudtop Cruise, and Rainbow Road to the terrain below, and you can follow the track from the air thanks to floating rings.

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