Millions of PlayStation 3s getting banned because of a Major Data Breach that happened at Sony

Thanks to new reports and discoveries, Sony’s PS3 console system has become the result of a major hack, resulting in tons of players being banned for no reason, in addition to accounts being sold. More and more reports are coming in about players unable to use their console systems, and Sony is the second major studio to suffer an attack after EA’s recent hack. A large, unconfirmed amount of PS3 systems seem to be affected by this hack, and there is still no sign of any response from Sony regarding the matter at hand.

Sony registers a new trademark for PlayStation Experience Event also known as PSX

A YouTube video in Spanish released in April and reportedly spoke about the leak, and since then, more systems have been targeted. The hack is currently limited to a console ban rather than an IP ban, although there still are some that remain perfectly functional with no signs of any hacks. The original poster of it has detailed that the numbers were initially low, yet are still on the rise with more people becoming concerned about their own systems, especially with Sony’s lack of a response to this supposed hack. Reports also detail that the hack might be a result of a lack of proper protection regarding console IDs. As mentioned previously, the hack has still gone unnoticed by Sony, which has not responded to any claims about a breach in their system.
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