Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass 2 Announced, Out in December

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With Minecraft Dungeons receiving some new DLC next month with The Howling Peaks, it only seems appropriate to announce a new Season Pass. It will be available on December 9th along with the new DLC. Along with The Howling Peaks, Season Pass owners will receive the next three DLC packs when they release.

These DLCs will offer new levels, new story elements, more puzzles and new items. The Howling Peaks, for instance, contains new armor, weapons and artifacts along new enemies like the Squall Golem. This is in addition to a new story and region to explore.

Mojang will continue rolling out free updates, with the next DLC offering six new enchantments for all players. There will also be Apocalypse Plus difficulty which provides 20 new Threat Levels for players to deal (though whether this will be free remains to be seen). Stay tuned for more details en route to the DLC’s release in the coming weeks.

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