Minecraft: How To Grow Nether Wart

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Those wishing to delve into the potion-making aspect of Minecraft will need a ton of Nether Wart, as it is crucial in pretty much every potion crafting recipe in the game. Players will need to venture into the often dangerous Nether to harvest the precious Nether Wart initially, though, thankfully, it can actually be grown in any dimension.

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Once they've obtained some Nether Wart, players can plot out an area in the Overworld like they do with other crops, however, there are some differences to growing this otherworldly fungus-like organism compared to vegetables in Minecraft.

Where To Find Nether Wart


The 2 Nether biomes where players can find Nether Wart are the Nether Fortress and Bastion Remnants biomes, both easily recognizable by the abundant generation of Nether Brick structures.

Finding Naturally Growing Nether Wart

Since these biomes make up only a small portion of the expansive Nether, the generation of Nether Wart ends up being around 0.1 blocks per chunk, which is abysmally low when compared to most other resources. Thankfully, there are some spots within Nether Fortresses and Bastion Remnants that seem to spawn Nether Wart consistantly.

  • In Nether Fortresses, Nether Wart can often be found in Soul Sand gardens around some stairwells
  • In Bastion Remnants, Nether Wart can often be found in the central Soul Sand courtyard of the structure

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Finding Nether Wart In Chests

Only in Nether Fortresses, players can potentially find Nether Wart in chests as loot. The odds of obtaining Nether Wart as loot in such chests is 19%, and players can find stacks of anywhere between 3 to 7 units in this manner. It should also be mentioned that players roll this chance multiple times per chest, so it's possible to find multiple stacks in a single chest if one is lucky.

How To Farm Nether Wart


Growth Requirements

Despite being arguably the most difficult potential crop to locate, Nether Wart is actually one of the easiest to grow. Thankfully, all that's really needed to grow Nether Wart is Soul Sand, as water and sunlight do not matter. It is important to note that it is only Soul Sand that works for growing, as Soul Soil will not. To begin growing Nether Wart, simply equip some in one's hand and use it on some Soul Sand.

The Different Stages Of Nether Wart Growth & How To Tell Them Apart

Although Nether Wart has 4 stages of growth, there are only 3 visuals for the entire process, as stages 2 and 3 share a visual representation.

  • The first stage will be little more than a quartet of red bulbs sticking out of the sand
  • The second and third stages will look like the bulbs have risen a bit and now have some mass in between them
  • The fourth stage looks like a thick clump of bulbous red stalks

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How Long It Takes For Nether Wart To Grow

The growth rate of Nether Wart is bound to time and RNG as opposed to sunlight and water (or even Bone Meal) like normal crops. For every tick of game time that passes, there is a 10% chance that Nether Wart planted in Soul Sand will grow by a single stage. This averages out mean that Nether Wart will grow by a single stage about every 11 to 12 minutes. Taking all stages into consideration, player can expect their Nether Wart to grow from stage 1 to stage 4 in approximately 33 to 36 minutes.

Harvesting Nether Wart

Players should always wait until their Nether Wart is in its final stage of growth before harvesting it, as the difference in yield between stages 3 and 4 are significant. If players break stage 2 or stage 3 Nether Wart, they will only receive a single unit, however, when breaking a stage 4 Nether Wart, one will get somewhere between 2 to 4 units.

There are no special tools required for harvesting Nether Wart, however, tools enchanted with Fortune will grant players greater yields when harvesting. If one has Fortune III on a tool used to break Nether Wart, players can get up to 7 units.

Why Nether Wart Is Needed For Potions


Nether Wart, along with a Water Bottle, is needed to create an Awkward Potion, which is the base for all other potions in the game besides Weakness Potions. As such, players seeking to become the most powerful alchemist will need to acquire a ton of this red fungal growth and probably set up multiple Brewing Stands, Cauldrons, and similar equipment.

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