Mini Motorways bringing its minimalist road-building strategy to Switch today


Mini Motorways, the acclaimed road-building strategy sim from developer Dinosaur Polo Club, has made the leap to Switch and will be available via the console’s eShop from today, 11th May.

As you might have already twigged, Mini Motorways is the follow-up to Dinosaur Polo Club’s celebrated underground railway builder Mini Metro, and delivers an equally minimalist, equally excellent, spin on its predecessor’s tactile strategy action.

In Mini Motorways, each level takes loose inspiration from a real-world city, and the goal is to construct as efficient a road network as possible, placing down the likes of traffic lights, bridges, and roads to ensure commuters are able to reach their destination within the allotted time. New building items are awarded each in-game week, enabling your urban expansion to continue unfettered – until you make a mistake and your best laid plans end in chaos.

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