News reaches 100 million mod downloads since expanding to consoles

Following the December release of mod support for Skater XL and SnowRunner on Xbox and PlayStation, the cross-platform pioneering mod support service has exceeded the 100 million downloads milestone on consoles. is the first of its type, catering to developers, modders, and players alike. It increases the areas where user-generated content may be enabled and makes it simple for game developers to seamlessly embrace and engage with their creators in a brand-safe and positive manner. Both games’ debut days exceeded expectations with 1.6 million downloads and 300,000 people engaging.

The ModDB team launched It is intended for studios who wish to foster their community’s creation across PC, console, and mobile platforms. It has been used by more than 55 games to power their mod and creator communities since its launch in 2019 with 400,000 users accessing the platform daily on PC, console, and mobile.

SnowRunner’s modding community has greatly expanded the game’s experience for dedicated players. The constant influx of fresh content is certainly a key driver of the title’s long-term success, We could not have achieved this without – their tech and support are unmatched.

Tim Willits, Chief Creative Officer of Saber Interactive

UGC is increasingly replacing DLC

Users have developed 750,000 pieces of content and had over 100 million modifications loaded per year. is built for the modern game that emphasizes long-term user engagement and creative economies by providing an automated, scalable, and simple-to-install solution to tap into the goodwill and growth that UGC can create.

UGC has the potential to become a major positive disruption in the ways games are made and consumed in the gaming industry, But it needs to be accessible, cross-platform, and moderated, with detailed metrics, creator events, and marketplaces attached. We’re here to push the boundaries with UGC, and enable game developers to do the same across every platform.

Scott Reismanis, co-founder of

On, console players already consume as much UGC material as PC gamers, which is astounding given how young the platform is. Making assistance more accessible, as well as allowing studios more control over launching their own UGC community outside of PC, where mods have historically thrived, will remain a primary goal of

As a feasible and cost-effective alternative to traditional in-house content generation, such as DLC, user-generated content (UGC) is quickly becoming the current video-game fad. These launches, according to, have demonstrated that modifications and UGC on consoles are a clear road to growth. This will only continue as additional titles bring their UGC communities to console over the next several years.

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