Modern Warfare 2 free weekend coming in Season 2 Reloaded claims leaker

Another freebie is on the way (pic: Activision)

With a bit of luck you’ll soon be able to play Modern Warfare 2 for free once again, once Season 2 Reloaded kicks off in March.

A new leak claims that Activision will be launching yet another free access weekend for Modern Warfare 2 in a few weeks’ time, after the last one back in December.

The delayed Season 2 will add a suite of new items and features across both Call Of Duty sequels, ranging from new weapon blueprints and new missions to customisable perk packages.

As usual, even more content will arrive with the Reloaded update, and if the rumours are correct you’ll be able to test them out for a short period of time without paying a penny.

The same leaker claims that Activision will run a number of free weekends for players to enjoy, starting after the game’s first mid-season update.

The first free access period lasted for a whole five days, launching on December 15 and concluding on December 19.

If this new leak turns out to be true, you’ll get a taste of the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare 2, but not the campaign.

The free weekend will reportedly go live at the same time as the Reloaded update, meaning that you should expect it around March 16 – unless there’s another delay.

Although details about the Season 2 Reloaded update remain scarce, it’s expected that it will see the introduction of the next Raid event, according to Insider Gaming.


For now, you can look forward to the Season 2 update, which is set to go live on February 15.

A plethora of changes will be implemented across Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, with Activision promising to fix the bugs and glitches plaguing both titles.

The developers seem to be slightly more focused on Warzone 2, since the battle royale has divided players, especially when it comes to its controversial DMZ mode.

In terms of new content, Warzone 2 will finally get a new Resurgence map, Ashika Island, which brings back that 2009 grey wash look of Call Of Duty.


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