Mortal Shell Guide – How to Unlock Fast Travel and All Boss Fights

mortal shell

Fast travel is a quintessential part in every Souls-like and Mortal Shell is no exception. However, you can’t just unlock a fast travel point and head back to Fallgrim. It’s a little more complicated than that.

First off, fast travel won’t work if you have any glands on you. With that in mind, first level up a shell completely. You’ll need to do so by spending Tar and Glimpses with Sester Genessa. Next, purchase the Ornate Mask from her for 30 Glimpses. Now you can fast travel to any other locations where you’ve sipped with Sester Genessa. A nice little addition is that using the mask four times will bestow the ability to earn extra tars for one minute after using it.

There are other ways to return to Sester Genessa like with the Tarnished Mask. Unfortunately, this will cost all of your Glimpses (or half, at max familiarity). There’s also the Untarnished Mask which works the same but doesn’t consume any Glimpses and bestows Resolve. It only returns you to the Sester most recently visited though.

All Bosses

Boss fights are also important and there are quite a few of them here. Some bosses will be fought several times, either with different weapons or new gimmicks. Here are all the boss fights in the game (spoilers for those who haven’t finished it):

  • Hadern (Hallowed Sword)
  • Hadern (Hammer and Chisel)
  • Hadern (Martyr Blade)
  • Grisha
  • Enslaved Grisha
  • Grisha in Fog
  • Crucix the Twiceborn
  • Grisha in Fog (Second Encounter)
  • Tarsus, the First Martyr
  • Ven Noctivagu
  • Hadern (Smouldering Mace)
  • Imrod the Unrepentant
  • The Unchained

Check out how to defeat all of the bosses in the video below. For more details on Mortal Shell, check out our review here.

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