Multiplayer FPS Hell Let Loose Launches Out Of Early Access This July

Developer Black Matter has revealed some interesting details about its latest multiplayer WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose. In a developer presentation during Future Games Show this E3, Black Matter founder Maximilian Rea revealed that the game would be launching out of early access this July.

Hell Let Loose started development as a hobby project at Black Matter way back in 2015, and the game entered Steam’s early access program in 2019 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. After a plethora of updates to the game over time, Hell Let Loose will finally be launching as a full game on July 27th, with a new update adding more gear and maps to the game.

Hell Let Loose has sold more than a million copies during its Early Access period, and a constant drip-feed of new content should keep players hooked. E3 2021 is far from over, with a plethora of conferences and events slated for the coming days, so stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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