MultiVersus leaks Black Adam and Gremlins for Season 1

MultiVersus leaked login title screen Black Adam Stripe
The real surprise is that Black Adam doesn’t look like The Rock (pic: Twitter)

Ahead of Season 1’s launch, DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins villain Stripe have been leaked as future playable characters.

It looks like MultiVersus can’t announce anything without it being leaked online first. Ahead of today’s update, that will kick off Season 1, two more characters have been confirmed ahead of an official reveal.

The two characters in question are DC villain/antihero Black Adam and Gizmo, the main villain of Gremlins. They can be seen in what appears to be an updated version of the game’s login screen, replacing the original duo of Batman and Shaggy.

This leak seems to be the result of a new MultiVersus ad being uploaded too early. Several pictures of the artwork show it being displayed on the Xbox dashboard.

Stripe’s inclusion isn’t too surprising as he was included in a previous character leak (along with mogwai Gizmo). We can’t recall if Black Adam was ever leaked, but his inclusion makes sense considering the Black Adam movie is releasing this October.

Surprisingly, his MultiVersus design is more accurate to how he appears in the comics, though we fully expect for there to be an optional skin that swaps him out for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is playing him in the movie.

It’s very likely that these two were who MultiVersus director Tony Huynh was teasing yesterday. He said on Twitter that two more characters would appear on the login screen today and that they will arrive as part of Season 1.

And here’s the highest quality version of the Black Adam and Stripe image so far! #MultiVersus
Huge thanks to @infkae for the help!

— InTheShade – Multiversus Leaks (@InTheShadeMV) August 15, 2022

BLACK ADAM AND STRIPE FIRST LOOK #MultiVersus #MultiversusLeaks
Credit: @JaoShadows & @InTheShadeMV

— shady – multiversus leaks & news (@ShadyMVS) August 15, 2022

Hey Multiversus, I think you put this ad live a little early…

— 🎄 Santa Ricky (@_FireMonkey) August 15, 2022

We don’t yet know how long Season 1 will last, so it’s hard to narrow down when exactly Black Adam and Stripe will be added to the game, or if they’ll even be added at the same time.

Rick and Morty have already been confirmed as Season 1 additions, with Morty releasing next week on August 23. Rick, meanwhile, lacks a release date but, considering he was revealed first, you should expect him to arrive before either Black Adam or Stripe.

While Season 1 will start today, we don’t have an exact time for when the update goes live. Huynh has suggested it will be at 10am PST, which is 6pm in the UK.

Patch notes for Season 1 are available on the official website, detailing bug fixes and changes for certain characters.

MultiVersus is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.


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