Mysterious Game Abandoned May Be Coming to PC

There Is Hope

The upcoming survival horror game known as Abandoned is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy. Abandoned is really just a working title. According to the developer Blue Box Game Studios, the real title starts with S and ends with L. Horror genre hopefuls immediately latched onto the idea that Abandoned is in fact a Silent Hill reboot. People think that the game director Hasan Kahraman is a pseudonym for Hideo Kojima. Even the developer name “Blue Box” is an acronym for “Best Level User Experience [Box]”. With all the secrecy and subtle hints, what can we believe? Well, in an uncharacteristically straight forward answer, BB may be bringing Abandoned to PC.


On Twitter, in a throwaway comment of a user stating that they don’t have a PS5, Blue Box Game Studios set the thread on fire by saying, “The PC community shall rejoice.” Now, unless they are talking about woke, liberal, snowflakes, like your ol’ pal Zane, it seems like Abandoned will be on PC at some point. The game was originally touted as a PS5 exclusive, so either that means *console exclusive or that has changed. There are a few examples of PlayStation exclusive games being ported to PC, like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, so maybe Abandoned is just closing the gap between the two releases. Though Blue Box Game Studios is not a first-party developer, so maybe it’s all just speculation, like everything about this game.

The PC community shall rejoice.

— BLUE BOX Game Studios (@BBGameStudios) June 19, 2021

Abandoned will apparently be coming out by the end of the year. What it will be officially called, the supporting platforms, and all the details like that remain to be seen. Whatever it has in store for us, we hope it’s worth all the secrecy. Abandoned is set to launch by the end of 2021 on PS5 and maybe PC.

What are your thoughts on Abandoned? Let us know in the comments below.


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