NBA 2K22’s MyTeam Mode Includes MyTeam Draft, Which Is Totally Different To FIFA Ultimate Team Draft

We are just days away from NBA 2K22's arrival, and that means 2K is dumping all the info players will need to assemble their dream teams as soon as the new game drops on September 10. There's a ton of updates to NBA 2K22's My Team mode, including Triple Threat Online: The 100, pick-up and skill challenges in single-player, and brand new Event Cards that will be available all year long.

But the biggest change coming to MyTeam is the new Draft mode, which will sound very familiar to anyone who's played the most recent FIFA game.

The crux of MyTeam: Draft is creating a team of players using limited resources and then improving that team as the season goes on. When starting MyTeam: Draft, you'll be presented with seven player packs to create a team of 13 players and a coach. You'll pick two players from each of the Position Packs and then the remaining three players come from the Featured Pack. This last pack contains the latest and greatest players to be added to MyTeam: Draft, so expect them to be superstars.

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Packs update every Friday but don't expect Featured players to show up in Positional packs as soon as they rotate out.

So why bother with the new Draft? Every Draft run will guarantee you a League Pack and at least one pick on the Draft-exclusive Ascension. The more wins in your Draft run, the more picks you'll get from the Ascension list to add to your permanent collection.

The Ascension has great exclusive prizes, plus a Grand Prize Player at the end of each season. Season 1: Call to Ball's Grand Prize Player is Pink Diamond Glenn Robinson, the legendary 1994 first draft pick that would end his career with an NBA championship win with the San Antonio Spurs.

Each MyTeam: Draft run is until 10 wins or three losses–whichever comes first. Once your run is over, you’ll get as many Ascension picks as you had won and then you’ll create an all-new Draft team to start over again.

For the full rundown on what’s coming in NBA 2K22, check out 2K’s blog explaining all the new features coming when the game drops on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC on September 10.

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