Need for Speed Unbound: How to Make Some Money Fast

The main goal of Need for Speed Unbound is to come out on top. But to do that, you need money, lots and lots of money. Since money is exceptionally important to come out on top, as you’ll need to purchase new vehicles and upgrade your garage, we’ve provided several tips on making increasing your ability to make some money fast in Need for Speed Unbound.

So, check out these tips, and you’ll be swimming in the money in no time flat.

Take on as many events as you can when starting out

When you’re out of the prologue, the goal is to make as much as possible so that you can upgrade your car and garage. So, you’ll need to take on as many events as you can. It doesn’t matter what the buy-in is at the start, as it will be either nonexistent or low. However, as you start to progress, you’ll start getting events that require a massive buy-in, and the payout isn’t that much. You’ll need to pay attention and decide if those are worth it or not.

Betting to make more money

Before every event, you’ll have the ability to either place a side bet or a challenge. The side bets are will someone bet on what place you’ll come in, and you can accept those or deny them. When you start doing better and have a faster vehicle, you can start to challenge someone to beat you. If you got the skills and the vehicle, it makes sense to take advantage of both to make more money.

Always do Tess and Rydell’s requests

As you’re out there making a name for yourself, Tess or Rydell will come calling. Both will challenge you to deliver a car to a specific location, with a massive payout. They start out low, but can get as how as 10,000 per challenge. Tess’s will involve gaming heat from the police as well, while Rydell’s is a speed challenge, where your payout is determined by how fast you deliver the car.

Whenever those two come a calling, make sure you answer!

Police chases to make money

It’s not hard to get the police in Need for Speed Unbound to challenge you, but did you know you can make some money from it? Early on, anytime to lose the police in a chase, you’ll earn yourself $250. As the heat level increases, you can earn up to $1000 per chase you manage to come out on top of. However, the more heat you get, the harder it is to get out of a chase, so these are risk vs reward bouts. It’s all up to you.

Find all the bears and smash billboards


Throughout the fictional world, you’ll encounter these bear statues that can be smashed. Every time you smash them, you’ll earn $250. This goes as well for the billboard, which also will net you $250. Given the amount of them, you’ll be swimming in money in no time. So, make sure you go out of your way to smash them both.

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