New Halo Infinite BP Progression Update to Add First Game XP Boost

Halo Infinite’s gameplay is receiving glowing praise from critics and fans alike following its launch earlier this month, but the slow and grindy nature of its battle pass progression has been the subject of some controversy.

To its credit, 343 Industries has been quick to recognize the problem and offer XP payouts simply for playing games, rather than having to tick off daily and weekly quests. Still, though, the battle pass has proved slow going, and so today the developer has announced plans to boost daily XP.

343’s community manager, John Junyszek, has outlined a new first-six-game XP boost that the team believes will help to rectify the issue in Twitter thread. Following an update that is expected to release later today, players will earn the following XP tiers across their first six games:

  • 1st Game = 300XP
  • 2nd Game = 200XP
  • 3rd Game = 200XP
  • 4th Game = 100XP
  • 5th Game = 100XP
  • 6th Game = 100XP
  • 7th+ Game = 50XP

Junyszek signed off by highlighting that the team is aware that many players “want even larger changes” and that the team is “committed to doing so” moving forward.

Some have pointed out in the replies that XP boosts for performance within games would be a welcome addition to the new changes, while others highlight that the descending XP bonus still incentivizes players to purchase XP boosters. It will be interesting to see how 343 further hones BP progression moving forward; keep in mind the game is still officially a beta.

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