New Horizon Forbidden West trailer showcases gameplay variety and challenges

A new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West has been released, showcasing a variety of different gameplay challenges that players will encounter when the game launched on 18th February.

Demoed in the video, Aloy hops into Melee Pits in settlements where you can practice your combat skills, Salvage Contracts in the wilds, Outposts and Camps teeming with Regalla’s rebels, plus mysterious challenges, ruins, and more.

Forbidden West sees Aloy travel to the… Forbidden West, on the trail of a new world-threatening danger. The game will see the return of characters like Erend and Sylens from the first game, but Aloy’s journey into new territories on the West Coast of North America will see her coming into contact with new tribes, some friendly, and some…. less friendly. You’ll meet people from the border settlements of Carja and Oseram as well as the new tribes of Utaru in Plainsong and the clans of Tenakth.

Horizon Forbidden West will release on February 18th 2022, having missed its intended 2021 release target. As a cross-gen release for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Sony caused a bit of a stink when revealing their upgrade plans (or lack thereof), quickly U-turning to stick to the spirit of previous statements they had made to now offer free upgrades from PS4 to PS5. Great news for those stuck on the older generation during the current console shortages, as everyone that wants can pick up the game without worrying about future upgrade fees on this occasion.

Horizon Forbidden West was revealed as one of the top games in our 2022 Most Wanted list, coming in at number 3. Read our thoughts on the upcoming PlayStation exclusive here. Oh, and at this point in time, we’re also allowed to confirm that we’ve got review code in. Keep an eye out for reviews dropping on 14th February. Will games critics love it?

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