New Pokemon Video Highlights All 1008 Pocket Monsters

If you felt the Pokemon franchise would last for over 26 years when it came out in the 90s, you must have been psychic. Because ever since Red and Blue came out, the franchise has cranked out games, anime, toys, collectible card games, and so much more. It wasn’t just something people enjoyed, it was a phenomenon that fans couldn’t get enough of. With the arrival of Gen 9, the mainline games broke many molds, traditions, and records. But the biggest one was that it added 103 new Pocket Monsters for us to catch, and that meant the lineup was over 1000 strong.

In a new video, you can see all 1008 Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 9. That includes the Regional Variants, the Hisui Pokemon, the Ultra Beasts and so on. There’s a lot of work that went into this video, and it even shows artwork that many regions of our own world have never seen before. So check it out, and go see if you can catch’em all!

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