New Sifu Trailer Shows Off Combat With Weapons, Delay To Early 2022

I regret to inform you, but the amazing-looking Sifu (from developer Slocap) has been delayed to early 2022. A new trailer during today's State of Play stream confirmed the news and also gave us a fresh look at the game's combat, which will feature an assortment of weapons for players to utilize in combat. It's very clear that Slocap has done its homework in researching Kung Fu flicks because Sifu looks directly pulled from many legendary films.

What really puts Sifu on my radar is how the developers have name-dropped the 1981 classic The Prodigal Son as inspiration for the game's combat scenarios. Directed by Sammo Hung and starring Yuen Biao in the lead role, The Prodigal Son is my favorite Kung Fu film of all time. If Sifu comes anywhere close to approaching the quality of that film, it's sure to be a hit.

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Sifu was announced earlier this year during another State of Play stream. A console exclusive on PS4 and PS5 (with a PC release heading to the Epic Games Store), the title looks like a major improvement on Sloclap's previous effort, Absolver. While a decent attempt at a martial arts-inspired MMO, Sifu seems to contain everything I felt was missing due to needing to accommodate multiple players.

News of the delay is certainly disappointing, but I would rather Sloclap take all the time it needs to perfect Sifu rather than shove it out the door. There are plenty of games to play in the coming months, especially the ones seen during today's stream.

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