New Void jungler Bel’Veth leaked in League of Legends: Abilities, release date

League of Legends champion 160 void jungler teaser

League of Legends is getting a new Void jungler in Season 12, joining the likes of Kha’Zix and Rek’Sai. Here’s everything we know about Champion 160 — Bel’Veth — including her lore, abilities, and release date.

Riot started off League of Legends Season 12 with a bang, revealing four different champions to kick off a mega 2022. With Zeri now live, that leaves three more, including a new Void jungler first teased in 2021.

Here’s what we know about Bel’Veth ⁠— Champion 160 ⁠— including her lore, abilities, and when League’s next Void jungler will be hitting Summoner’s Rift.

Who is League’s upcoming Void jungler?

League of Legends’ upcoming Void jungler was first teased in the September 2021 champion roadmap as “an overwhelming new jungler that should fill a Void in all your hearts.”

Then it all kind of boiled over during January 2022’s Season 12 reveal stream, with lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles becoming “possessed” while talking about the new jungler.

The related segment begins at 5:23.

“I see it. I see everything. The lavender sea, purple cities cover the land. She rules over it all, my empress. This is what Runeterra should be, its true form,” he said.

While it doesn’t really give a massive insight into who this Void creature is, one thing is for sure: she’ll be quite powerful.

In a developer post published on April 18, Riot gave a little more info on the secretive void creature. They described her as a “skirmisher”, and hinted that the aforementioned “Lavender Sea” may end up being one of her abilities, which will “crash like waves against the enemy’s defensive structures.”

They also released a new image to tease the Void Empress jungler — a purple stinger-like appendage appearing from a cloud of fog, poised to strike a cowering, faceless man.

League Champion 160
Riot Games

The murky image could potentially be an ability icon for League’s 160th champion.

Void jungler, Bel’Veth, abilities leaked

On April 20, fans got another look at the Void Empress, with a leak of Bel’Veth’s official in-game model circulating on social media.

According to the leak, she has two ‘forms’ — her base form being a winged humanoid form, and her ‘ultimate’ form being a giant void creature shaped like a manta ray.

This was then backed up with an ability leak on May 11. The leak, which has since been taken down on Reddit, revealed Bel’veth will be getting a stackable passive that gives her bonus healing against jungle camps.

Her Q is a dash that deals damage and slows, and is buffed when she travels alongside one of her four “arrows”. Her W is similar to Rek’Sai W where she can burrow underground — but she can reportedly walk through walls. Her E pulls enemies in, dealing damage and making her tankier, akin to Irelia W but with crowd control.

Finally, Bel’Veth’s ultimate sees her transform into her true form, buffing all her abilities and giving her a glut of basic stats. It’s reportedly similar to Swain ultimate.

Currently, Riot hasn’t confirmed exactly what to expect out of League’s new Void jungler in terms of abilities and gameplay. However, given the way it possessed Reav3, and the script he was retelling, she’s likely to pack some terrifying skills.

Reav3 did describe her as a champion “who is ramping up to swarm the Rift,” which could mean a swarm of creatures under her rule, or some sort of sprawling mist that could hamper enemies that try to chase them.

What the “Lavender Sea” that’s been mentioned repeatedly throughout her teasers could be remains to be seen, but be ready to witness the “true face of the Void”.

We’ll add Bel’Veth’s official abilities right here once Riot makes her kit public.

Elderwood Rek'Sai.
Riot Games

There are already two Void junglers in League of Legends: Rek’Sai (pictured) and Kha’Zix.

Bel’Veth release date in League of Legends

Riot has confirmed Bel’Veth, Champion 160, will be coming out later in League of Legends Season 12. With Zeri and Renata Glasc’s launches now beyond us, this will be third in the pecking order of releases in 2022.

We’ll keep you updated with all the news on League of Legends’ upcoming Void jungler ⁠— Bel’Veth ⁠— right here as it happens.

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