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New World: How to Make and Use Repair Kits

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New World players can build massive towns, take over forts, and go to war over territories with other New World factions. But in order to do this, they will not only have to build new armor and weapons, but also keep that equipment in good working order with repair kits.

What is a Repair Kit?

In New World, armor and weapons degrade as they are being used, and players will have to repair these items to be able to continue to use them. Once an item’s durability reaches 0, that item will be unusable until it is repaired. Unlike some other MMORPGs and other co-op games with durability, repairing items can be done anywhere at any time, but the process is not free. In order to create repair kits, players will need Repair Parts and gold.

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How to Make Repair Kits

Repair Parts are one of the many items that can be salvaged. Salvage is way of destroying unwanted materials and getting a more useful item in its place. For instance, snails in New Worldcan be salvaged into fishing bait and unwanted armor and weapons can be salvaged into Repair Parts. Pressing S and Left Mouse Click at the same time will salvage an item in an inventory; once salvaged, an item cannot be restored. Players have a limit of 2,000 total Repair Parts that they can carry at a time.


Repair Kits come in several tiers in New World‘s Aeternum, and each tier requires more Repair Parts and gold to create. The more durability that the item has lost, the higher tier of Repair Kit will be necessary to fix it. Since an item can’t be partially fixed, players will need to use a Tier 4 Repair Kit instead of two Tier 2 kits, as an example. The cost of each tier is:

  • Tier 2 Repair Kits – 55 Repair Parts
  • Tier 3 Repair Kits – 100 Repair Parts
  • Tier 4 Repair Kits – 175 Repair Parts
  • Tier 5 Repair Kits – 350 Repair Parts

How to Use Repair Kits in New World

Not keeping gear in good working order is one of the biggest mistakes players can make in New World. In order to repair weapons or armor, players can either click and drag Repair Kits to the item to be repaired, or press L and Left Mouse Click over the item. The game will tell players if the Tier of Repair Kit is not high enough for the item they wish to repair.

New World is available on PC.

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