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New World: Where To Catch Large Salmon

Although it seems simple from the outside, there are actually a lot of facets to New World. Those looking for PVP action will love Faction Wars and open-world PVP flagging, and those that crave PVE will find tons of enemies and bosses to slash through. But New World can be a relaxing adventure too, especially for those that want to refine their skills and grow levels in trade skills.

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A good example is fishing, which is actually a lot of fun. Players can reel in an abundance of sea critters by tossing various baits into the fresh and saltwater areas scattered around Aeternum. But some fish are much harder to catch than others, and some quests will have players scratching their heads on what and where to go to find a particular item. A great example of this is Large Salmon, which seem to be much rarer than other types.

Where To Find Large Salmon In New World


Finding Large Salmon is much easier said than done in New World. Unfortunately, like some other materials that players are coming across, Large Salmon seem to be much harder to reel in than other creatures in the game’s fishing variety. There are some things that players can do to increase their chances of landing a Large Salmon but New World faithful should prepare to be in for a lengthy fishing session should they want to land some of these big fish.

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Although it’s possible that players might be able to catch Large Salmon in a variety of freshwater fishing spots, there is one that seems to be offering the prize to gamers more often than not. The Broad Fishing Spot, located just west of Windsward, is one of the better places on the map to land these monstrous fish. Because the spot is directly outside of town, it’s a great way for players to quickly access their storage, making it much easier to “refresh fishing trips.” Players should be ready to be at the mercy of the RNG system and understand that they may catch an abundance of other fish before landing even one Large Salmon.


Here are some more tips to help catch a Large Salmon in New World:

  • Oddly, these fish are classified as Common, even though they seem particularly difficult to get. Because of this, players should avoid fishing in “Hot Spots,” which greatly increases the chance of landing a rarer fish.
  • It’s also a good idea to avoid using gear that increases the luck of finding rarer fish, with players instead opting for a Rod with better durability and line strength (these big boys and fight a bit due to their size).
  • Bait is a must for catching a Large Salmon, as it increases the rate at which players will encounter bigger fish. Firefly Bait seems especially useful as if gives a large boost to finding and catching better fish in freshwater. (Players can find Firefly Bait by gathering from Briars).
  • Those with a good Engineering Skill can craft their own fishing rods, complete with boosted stats, at a workbench. By using specific items, it’s possible to put together a rod that will increase the chance of landing larger fish. These rods can also be purchased off the Trading Post.
  • Due to their size, it’s likely easier to encounter a Large Salmon when fishing in Deep Water.

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