Next Epic Games free games include a World War I shooter

The next Epic Games free games giveaway will include World War I shooter, Tannenberg, as well as an in-game bonus pack for Shop Titans.

Both freebies will be up for grabs next week from July 21, 2022, through to the following Thursday. Tannenberg and Shop Titans will replace Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap which is currently available to download, on the house.

The Epic Games free game initiative has been running since the EGS launcher was first introduced in December 2018. To entice new users – and yank them away from Steam – Epic has continued to roll out a spread of complementary games that players can claim and keep forever.

With that said, is Tannenberg a game worth downloading? This is the second in a series of WW1 shooters created by M2H and Blackmilll Games, transporting players between various theatres of war that featured during the devastating conflict. Some gamers will be familiar with the first entry in this series called Verdun and may have even spotted the third, Isonzo, which is due to launch later this year.

In our Tannenberg review, Ade scored the sequel a 5/10, praising the sound design and grim authenticity yet failing to connect with its multiplayer gameplay:

I often feel uncomfortable playing military shooters. Is it really morally acceptable for me to be having fun in a virtual playground that depicts a real life conflict in which thousands lost their lives? I don’t know the answer, but thankfully Tannenberg never forces me to consider this ethical question. Tannenberg has some good ideas, but it’s a slightly dull online FPS that never really gets going. As a budget multiplayer shooter there’s some satisfaction to be had, but overall this is a far too limited and sluggish experience.

The Epic Games Store hosts a growing number of free-to-play titles. After acquiring developer Mediatonic, Epic launched bumbling battle royale sensation, Fall Guys, as a F2P title that has amassed more than 50 million players.

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