Next Pokemon Unite Update Brings Blissey Buff

Blissey is about to get a tiny bit better via a buff to her stats being patched into Pokemon Unite via this week's update.

Pokemon Unite might be less than two months old at this point, but the additions and changes to the game have been coming at its players thick and fast. In fact, September might be the biggest month for the game so far. It was kicked off with the long-awaited addition of Blastoise. The gen one Pokemon is finally playabale after being announced before Unite even launched.

Blissey actually managed to leapfrog Blastoise into Pokemon Unite. The healing Pokemon made its debut in August only a few days after it was first announced. The Pokemon Company and Tencent have clearly been watching how Blissey performs in Unite's battles as later this week, it will receive its very first buff.

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The full details of Pokemon Unite's next update can be found on the game's official site. The patch, which will go live tomorrow (September 8) details how exactly Blissey will be tweaked. Blissey's Sp. Def will be increased, allowing it to better defend itself against rival Pokemon's special moves. It's Safeguard move will also be receiving some improvements, making Blissey even more formidable than she already is.

Safeguard removes all status conditions from the user and the designated ally and shield both of them. Its cooldown has been reduced and its area of effect has been increased, making it a much better move starting this Wednesday once the update has gone live. Safeguard+ will also be improved and further nullify the damage inflicted thanks to the move's shield effect.

Unite is Pokemon's first foray into the MOBA world, and it is quickly discovering that no MOBA is born perfect. Nor is any Pokemon added to the game after launch perfectly balanaced. Making sure all playabale Pokemon are created equal is effectively a never-ending job. Some believe Blissey is already a little more powerful than others on the roster, so making it even better is an interesting choice.

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