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Ethereal Enigma

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Ethereal Enigma, a slice of life dating sim visual novel by PixelFade.

On his way home from school one day, Ethereal Enigma‘s protagonist accidentally summons Erilynn, a beautiful princess from another world. With no idea how to send her back, or where she even came from, he has no choice but to bring Erilynn home. Now he juggles school life with keeping her identity a secret.

Ethereal Enigma features a branching storyline with hundreds of choices that lead to both the game’s ending, and which characters the protagonist can develop a romantic relationship with. The game has full English voice acting for all of its characters, and everyone’s in-game sprites are fully animated using Live2D.

You can find the game’s opening below.

Ethereal Enigma is available on Windows PC, and Mac (both via Steam) for $19.99.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:


While returning home from his first day of high school, our Protagonist encounters a strange woman who encourages him to make a wish at the shrine. Although skeptical, he unwittingly summons Erilynn, a beautiful yet bold princess from another world! With no idea how she came here or how to send her back, the two must put aside their differences and work together to unravel the mystery.

Now, high school isn’t the only thing on our protagonist’s mind. He must keep Erilynn’s identity a secret while searching for the elusive and mystifying old woman who started it all!

Key Features

Your Story
A choice heavy visual novel that is a coming-of-age story in a high school setting. With hundreds of decisions leading to branching paths, a uniquely personalized story will unfold.

Full Relationship-Sim
Your decisions and behavior organically shape your relationships and what party members feel about you over time. A romantic bond may even be forged with two possible characters!

Complete Voice Over
Ethereal Enigma features a full English voice cast for not only your main party, but also all side and extra characters.

Fully Animated Sprites
Ethereal Enigma features Live2D® technology to bring characters to life! Experience unrivaled immersion with facial expressions and body language all animated seamlessly.

Discover the Ethereal Engima!

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Image: Steam

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