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Nintendo Direct: Hit The Links With Mario Golf: Super Rush This June


Believe it or not, but the last time a Nintendo home console got a Mario Golf game was Toadstool Tour on GameCube back in 2003. That’s 18 years ago! Time sure does fly. Thankfully, fans will only have to wait four more months to play the latest installment on Nintendo Switch—Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the console on June 25! You can get a first look in the below trailer:

While Super Rush will bring back the cartoony golfing fun that the series is known for, there are also some changes afoot. First off is the new Speed Golf mode where everyone is playing at once and not in turns. A mix of abilities and running like maniacs makes Speed Golf seem like quite an interesting addition. Story Mode is making a comeback, but this time players will be able to incorporate their Mii characters into the fun.

Beyond all of that, fans can look forward to both online and offline multiplayer fun, as well as dedicated motion controls for swinging clubs. It’s wonderful to see Mario Golf come back after so long away. Are you excited for Super Rush? Tell us online and in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Direct Broadcast 02.17.21

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