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Nintendo Direct: Miitopia Returns In May


Miitopia was a fun, lighthearted RPG that came to Nintendo 3DS back in 2017. The game was unique because it allowed players to cast characters as Mii avatars, which would result in some oddball interactions and hilarity. Well, the game is making a comeback on Nintendo Switch, as it will be launching on May 21. Peep the trailer:

Let’s take a look at what Nintendo says about this rerelease:

Embark on a hilarious adventure with friends, family or anyone you choose, to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord. In Miitopia, a customizable adventure for Nintendo Switch, create and customize Mii characters of anyone you’d like, and cast them in the fantasy adventure of a lifetime. With expanded customization in Miitopia, including Wigs and Makeup, you can make your Mii characters look more fabulous than ever in this game! Also, you can have a horse as an ally. When you become closer, it’ll lend a hand – er, hoof – in battle.

As the press release notes, customization has been expanded in this version of Miitopia with the introduction of wigs and makeup, and you can now even have a horse ally! The fun starts this spring, so be sure to let us know before then if you’ll be giving Miitopia a purchase in the comments and on social media.

Source: Nintendo Direct Broadcast 02.17.21

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