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Nintendo Direct: No More Heroes III Tears It Up In August


Travis Touchdown officially returns to crack some skulls on August 27. That’s when No More Heroes III launches on Nintendo Switch and boy, does it look tantalizing. See for yourself:

It’s more of the lawn mowing, trash collecting, and Beam Katana fun that fans know and love. Here’s what Nintendo has to say about No More Heroes III:

As the crass, Beam Katana-wielding assassin Travis Touchdown, you’ll fight your way to the top of the Superhero Ranking tournament to save the world. But wait … you’ll also battle aliens?! With a new and improved Death Glove, you’ll have access to a variety of deadly skills that can be customized and upgraded before each match.

So exciting! But what say ye, readers? Who’s looking forward to No More Heroes III? Tell us in the comments and on social media!

Source: Nintendo Direct Broadcast 02.17.21

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