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Nintendo Direct: Splatoon 3 Coming In 2022


During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct announcement, the presentation was capped off with quite a surprise: Splatoon 3 is heading to Nintendo Switch! The game is slated for a 2022 launch, meaning it won’t be coming to the console anytime soon. However, that’s not stopping fans from being able to take a peek:

As the trailer shows, this third installment in the series will be taking place in an entirely new world. According to Nintendo, the region is called the Splatlands, with the city of Splatsville at its center. The place is crawling with battle-savvy Inklings and Octolings all itching for a fight. Splatoon 3 is, according to Nintendo’s press release, set to introduce “weapons such as the bow-weapon, customization options, and movement abilities to bring to the returning 4v4 Turf Wars matches.”

Beyond that, Nintendo is remaining mum on any further details, but more will definitely be on the way in the future. Until then, tell us what you think of this threequel to the beloved franchise.

Source: Nintendo Direct Broadcast 02.17.21

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