Nintendo Gets Into Summer With Splatoon, Yoshi, and Kirby Water Guns

Water You Waiting For?

It’s hot. The sun is beating down on us and we have been cooped up in our homes for over a year because of the pandemic. We want to go outside, kids want to go outside and play and splash around and have water gun fights and stuff. Nintendo is making a bunch of licensed products for just such Summer fun. Unfortunately, sales are limited to the physical Nintendo Store right now, but hopefully they will be listed on online stores to open up to a wider range of customers.

Nintendo Water Guns

Nintendo Tokyo’s Twitter account is showing off some sweet Nintendo water guns from IPs like Yoshi, Kirby, and Splatoon. The Yoshi guns come in green and yellow, with blasters connected to an egg-shaped reservoir backpack for more water. The Kirby gun is a Star Rod, similarly attached to a Kirby-shaped reservoir. The Splatoon guns are replicas of their in-game counter parts. There are two variants of the Splatterscope gun, with green and pink water containers (and scopes for some reason). There are also green and pink Splattershot blasters. Both of these toys have containers that you fill up directly.

The details and specifications of these toys are unclear. We do not know the price, how powerful they can be, or whether or not it’s advisable to load the Splatoon guns with actual paint. Nevertheless, these are cool products meant to help keep you cool.

Would you get these water guns if the option were available? Let us know in the comments below.


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