Nintendo shrinks Switch packaging to fight supply chain shortages


In an attempt to fight against the increasingly annoying supply chain shortages, Nintendo is reducing the size of the Nintendo Switch packaging.

The company is reducing the Switch packaging by 20% moving forward (via Nikkei).

Now, this is just the box and not the console itself, but it is a good attempt at reducing unnecessary spending and material usage and keep the flow of Switch consoles going.

As of right now, it is unclear how well this will affect the overall supply chain crisis as far as selling Switch consoles is concerned as the overwhelming problem that still lingers is the shortage of semiconductor that is currently taking place in the world.

Even if year by year sales of the Switch are down, the console still has sold and impressive 110 million units, placing it just behind the Nintendo Game Boy, which has sold 118 million unites.

From that 110 million units sold, the company reports that it has over 100 million active users, meaning the console not only has sold well, but continues to have a healthy install base.

Vooks has done some number crunching and shown that the Switch oLED box is 14% smaller than the original Switch model, meaning that Nintendo has already been trying to reduce where they can, and this move is following in line with that.

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