Nintendo Switch 2 tech demos and potential launch titles discussed


This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we discuss today’s report by Eurogamer that Nintendo is showing Switch 2 tech demos to developers, including at Gamescom last month. The new hardware from the Big N now feels closer than ever – but when exactly will it arrive?

More importantly, perhaps – for any Nintendo console – is what Nintendo game will it launch alongside? Will Switch 2’s beefier specs be a smart time to finally launch Metroid Prime 4? Or does Nintendo go with the more mass market approach, and tap up its 3D Mario team?

Finally, since it’s out and it’s probably going to be the biggest game of the year, we discuss the opening moments of Starfield – beyond the hour we all spend in the character creator. Joining me this week to share their thoughts on all that are Ed Nightingale and Victoria Kennedy.

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