Nintendo Switch’s cloud-based games have profound issues

Just how good is cloud gaming on Nintendo Switch? The upcoming Kingdom Hearts games on Switch – including 1.5, 2.5, and the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 – are set to be purely cloud-based, with Square-Enix charging $90 for the entire collection or $50 for each individual game. Is the visual quality and input lag good enough to make this work? Does the concept even work for a system designed around take-anywhere portability? Demos are available on the eShop for the Kingdom Hearts titles, as well as other releases including Control, Guardians of the Galaxy and Hitman 3. We tested them all and the results are mixed to say the least.

First of all, the fact that demos are available on the eShop at all deserves kudos – it means that you have a chance to experience the games running on your own Switch paired with your own internet connection, and it's those demos we've used in putting together this piece. Of course, the demos are also available to any Switch user, meaning you can test the games for yourself too, the only limitation being a hard 15-minute limit per user, per game.

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