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No Man’s Sky: How To Get Magnetic Resonators

No Man's Sky has seen quite the redemption arc since its introduction back in 2016. Gamers should definitely give a lot of credit to the developers, who stuck with the title and continuously updated it, regardless of the initial backlash. In its current state, No Man's Sky is much closer to its original vision and perhaps one of the best Indie survival games to ever exist.

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There is so much added depth to No Man's Sky thanks to the consistent patches and updates. In fact, new players are likely to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crafting materials and upgrades found throughout the massive Sci-Fi adventure. One good example of this is Magnetic Resonators, a crafting material that can be created and are used in some very useful crafting recipes. For those in the dark about how to find and create Magnetic Resonators, here's a handy guide.

How To Craft Magnetic Resonators


In order to craft a Magnetic Resonator, players will first need to get their hands on a Magnetic Resonator blueprint. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to obtain this particular plan. Here are some of the ways that players can snag a Magnetic Resonator Blueprint:

  • Unlocked in the Synthesis Laboratory for 250 Nanite Clusters
  • Sometimes found in Manufacturing Facilities or Operations Centres
  • Can be purchased from some Technology Merchants for 5000 (or more) Units

Once players manage to get their hands on a Magnetic Resonator Blueprint, they'll be able to craft the resonators themselves. Thankfully, it's not too taxing. The recipe to make a Magnetic Resonator is:

  • 40 x Magnetised Ferrite + 40 x Ionised Cobalt

The above recipe will produce one Magnetic Resonator.

What Are Magnetic Resonators Used For?


Although it can seem like a bit of a hassle to have to find a blueprint to make Magnetic Resonators, players will be aptly rewarded for doing so. Unlocking the ability to craft Magnetic Resonators opens up a wealth of possible recipes for players to make. Here's a look at some of the things that can be crafted using Magnetic Resonators:

Item Recipe
Fragment Supercharger 3 x Magnetic Resonator + 2 x Wiring Loom
Geology Cannon 3 x Magnetic Resonator + 1 x Wiring Loom
Launch System Recharger 5 x Antimatter + 2 x Magnetic Resonator + 2 x Wiring Loom
Matter Beam 5 x Antimatter + 3 x Magnetic Resonator + 10 x Wiring Loom
Reality De-threader 250 x Indium + 1 x Magnetic Resonator + 6 x Antimatter Housing
Sub-Light Amplifier 3 x Magnetic Resonator + 100 x Platinum + 200 x Tritium
Survey Device 3 x Magnetic Resonator + 1 x Quantum Computer + 2 x Wiring Loom
Temporal Warp Computer 1 x Warp Hypercore + 2 x Magnetic Resonator + 250 x Indium

Players should definitely look into Magnetic Resonators as soon as they can, to get their hands on some of these powerful craftable items.

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