No Man’s Sky Player Is Modding The Creator’s Head Into The Game

One No Man's Sky player has grown so sick of waiting for the game's promised Frontiers update that they've been modding Sean Murray's face onto various in-game elements.

Believe it or not, it has now been more than five years since the launch of No Man's Sky. A game with so much hype that failed to deliver following its release, it's quite remarkable how Hello Games has managed to salvage the project and turn it around. So much so that there was actually a fair bit of hype surrounding what the studio had planned for its rejuvenated baby's fifth birthday.

That something is an update. It's called Frontiers, and despite being announced on No Man's Sky's anniversary, it still hasn't been patched into the game. Almost three weeks later, and one player has become so sick of waiting that they've decided to entertain themselves in a way that appears to be an attempt to provoke Hello Games' founder Sean Murray.

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Winder Sun has been modding Murray's head onto various elements of the game, including their own avatar. Something new for every day the Frontiers update still hasn't been implemented, and it started almost a week ago. First, Murray's face was added to the exocraft, then portals and warps, followed by blobs on day three which might be the creepiest addition so far.

Murray was added to the wire cell biome on day four, and floaters on day five. Day six might well be the most haunting addition yet, and you can check it out above. Murray's face has been added to the floor, and it's creepier than you think. Not just one big image of him on the ground, but hundreds, if not thousands of individual Murray's on every flower, bush, and even blade of grass as far as the eye can see,

Just six days in, it's getting harder and harder to see where Winder Sun goes next. We're also not sure we even want the update to arrive anymore. Waiting to see how Winder Sun will mod Murray into the game next has become a highlight of our day. With no mention of a launch date for the Frontiers update at the time of writing this, Winder Sun will have to keep dreaming up places to put Murray's face for a few more days yet.

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