No More Heroes 3: Where to Find All of Jeane’s Kittens

In No More Heroes 3, the blood-thirsty assassin Travis owns a pet cat named Jeane. She has appeared in every game since the first one and has been a source of both comedy and cuddles in the series. She has been through many of Travis' misadventures, where in No More Heroes 3, she plays the role of his navigator. However, sometime before the game's events, she has given birth to eleven kittens, and they're now all scattered throughout the overworld. This guide should help players find them all and reunite Travis' cat family.

To start this search quest, players need to complete the first Episode of No More Heroes 3. Once players step outside the motel, they may hear the sound of a kitten's meow. When players stop by the motel's entrance where the cardboard box lays, they'll be asked by Jeane to help her search for her kids. Once players accept the quest, the search for Jeane's children begins.

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How to Find Jeane's Kids

These kittens are hidden all over the game's overworld, with two located in each of the five visitable locations in the game. Whenever the player is walking around on foot, if a kitty is nearby, Travis will mention that it's close. The sounds of the kitten meowing should also clue the player in that it is nearby.

Once the kitten is found, press the A Button prompt while near it to claim it. One of the items that can help locate these kittens is the 80 chip. This chip can be built and inserted into the Death Glove inside of the laboratory, the same location where Travis can upgrade his abilities.

Where to Find Jeane's Kittens in Santa Destroy


The first of these kids can be found pretty easily and is needed to start the questline itself. It is simply on the cardboard box in front of the No More Heroes Motel.


The second kid can be kind of tricky if a player ignores their surroundings. The player should be on the lookout for a bus station company called "Rolling Cradle," located in a heavily industrialized portion of town. The kitten should be located right in front of the building, near the sign.


The third kid can be found way out on a pier. This is on the very edge of Santa Destroy, where she sits in the shade of a house on the dock.

Where to Find Jeane's Kittens in Perfect World


In the middle of the map of Perfect World is a basketball court to the Diner's right. Sitting peacefully in the shade is the first kitten just a little bit away from a nearby bench.


The second kitten is just off the beaten path of Perfect World, located behind a house. It will be on the player's immediate right when they enter through the normal entrance. The kitty will be tucked away in the shade by this dumpster.

Where to Find Jeane's Kids in Thunderdome


As players explore the deserted area of Thunderdome, they'll be able to see the kitten lounging around on a side path near a flag. Located near one of the minigames, the kitten should be located right there.


Players get access to the inside of the Thunderdome once they get the required amount of designated fights to take on the eighth-ranked alien boss fight of No More Heroes 3, Black Night Direction. They can find the cat chilling in the southwest corner of the interior dome.

Where to Find Jeane's Kittens in Call of Battle


When the player first enters the bleak and desert-ridden battleground, the kitten should be easy to spot, where it is just a little bit off to the side of the main path Travis will drive through.


The second kitten is on a beach, where the entrance is blocked and can't be entered by bike. Get off on foot to find this lost kitten.

Where to Find Jeane's Kittens in Neo Brazil


Neo Brazil is the last location explorable in NMH3 and has the last two kittens to find. The first can be found just across the Sushi Stand, in front of a giant dome structure.


The very last kitten to find is near a fountain. It's on the left side of the map, just past a bridge.

Reward For Finding all of the Kitties


As Travis collects the kitties, they'll be filling out the cat trees inside the motel. They will reside on both the first and second floors that Travis can access. Once all 11 kittens have been found, the player will be rewarded with a special T-Shirt called "Pixel Jeane," which is the dialogue portrait of the cat during the dialogue sequences of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. An adorable reward for finding all the cute kitties.

No More Heroes 3 is now available as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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