Now is a Great Time for Dead Space Fans to Get Xbox Game Pass

A remake of the original Dead Space game is currently in development. This will be the first new entry in the series in years, so fans of the franchise are understandably excited. Dead Space has a passionate fanbase, but with the news of the remake, this could be a great time to revisit the original trilogy of games. With the original Dead Space games being a part of the seventh console generation, it could be difficult for gamers to get their hands on physical copies of the titles. Fortunately, there are easier ways to access the games in 2021.

The Dead Space remake has fans excited about what EA Motive could do with its spin on the classic horror title. The team is looking to make meaningful changes like allowing Issac Clarke to speak, which could help improve upon the storytelling. The remake doesn't have a set release date as of yet, and it's said to be in a very early stage of development. With its projected launch some time off, there has never been a better time to play through the original games. Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, it could be easier than ever for series fans to play the original trilogy.

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Xbox Game Pass and EA Play


Xbox Game Pass is known to be a great deal for gamers. For the price of a subscription fee, players have access to hundreds of titles, from first-party exclusives to third-party titles as well. For a lot of gamers, it's taken the sting out of buying games the traditional way and has introduced way more variety to game libraries all over the world. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate option, in particular, is even better value for gamers. This entitles players to access Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play.

Thanks to EA Play being bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, gamers now have an even broader selection of games to experience. As part of this partnership, gamers have access to the original Dead Space trilogy on Xbox consoles and PC. Due to the accessibility of the Xbox Game Pass service, if players have the correct subscription, they can jump into Dead Space and its sequels right away. While work continues on the Dead Space remake at EA Motive, this could be the perfect time to experience the original games in the series. Players should have ample time to experience the games before the remake launches, too.

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The Original Dead Space


Of the original Dead Space trilogy, the very first game could be of most interest to fans right now. While EA Motive's upcoming version is a remake, the team is looking to make some changes compared to the original 2008 Dead Space. The original game featured Issac Clarke as a silent protagonist and had more limited zero gravity gameplay sections. Both these aspects are set to change with the new remake, along with some functionality being added to the limb-cutting gameplay. It's unknown how much more might be changed from the original version of the game, but it could be interesting for fans to experience it before the remake comes out. Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, it's a simple process to check out the original version of the game before EA Motive's remake launches.

Dead Space 2 and 3


The critically-acclaimed sequel Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 are also available on Xbox Game Pass through EA Play. The sequel was beloved for its horror, much like the original, and also praised for its inclusion of more action-oriented set pieces and mechanics. Dead Space 3 wasn't as well-received, but there is still some value to be found for fans of the series. The sequels expand on the original game from gameplay and lore perspectives, fleshing out the sci-fi world of the franchise. Checking out the sequels on Xbox Game Pass could add to the experience players will have in the Dead Space remake.

During the recent Dead Space remake event with EA Motive, the developer mentioned how Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 are influencing the team's remake. A major example of this is how the developer is redoing the zero-gravity sections to make them more mechanically in line with the sequels. It was also suggested that the broader lore expanded upon in the sequels could have its presence felt in the remake, though no significant details were let slip about the team's approach to world-building. It seems as though the sequels could have a profound influence on the upcoming remake, and playing them before its releases could add to the gameplay and narrative experience. Checking out the original games on Xbox Game Pass could help players identify what's been added to the remake from the sequels, and further help examine how it holds up against the 2008 original.

Dead Space Ignition


As something of a bonus, Dead Space Ignition is available through EA Play. While this isn't a main entry title in the franchise and wasn't received very well, it could be a fun experience for die-hard fans of the series. Itserves as a precursor to Dead Space 2 and is more of a puzzle game than limb-chopping survival horror. While it might not be to every player's taste, it could be another fun way to tide gamers over until the Dead Space remake lands. Fortunately, this title is also available on Xbox Game Pass through EA Play, and it could be a worthwhile experience for gamers checking out the original trilogy.

There's a lot left to learn about the Dead Space remake, including its release date. In the meantime, using Xbox Game Pass to play the existing games could be a great idea for some gamers. The service makes it easy for players to access the games, and it could be a great time sink until the remake arrives. Certain aspects of Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 are set to be implemented into the remake, making a playthrough of the whole trilogy even more appealing. For value and ease of access, there has likely never been a better time for Dead Space fans to try out Xbox Game Pass.

The Dead Space remake is currently in development.

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