Numskull Polybius Quarter Arcade Cabinet Charger Brings Gaming’s Biggest Urban Legend to Life

The Deadly Arcade Cabinet That (Probably) Never Was is Now a Less Deadly Charger

If you’ve been into video games for a long time, you’ve probably heard the name Polybius before. Supposedly, it was an arcade game found in a few rare establishments during the 80s–a game that had terrible effects on the unlucky gamers who played it and that disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving only a few rumors on the internet to show it had ever existed. You know, assuming it actually did exist and wasn’t just created to scare people. Whatever really happened around 40 years ago, Numskull has taken the story and brought it to life in the form of the Polybius Quarter Arcade Cabinet Charger, which stands 1/4th the reported original size. Curious? Check out this promotional video put together for the successful Kickstarter campaign to learn more. Be warned–flashing lights, static, and unsettling noises await.

The legendary Polybius has been connected to CIA mind control experiments, brainwashing, and other conspiracy theories, but Numbskull’s Polybius is simply used to charge up games and devices. It comes with a stylish black and blue exterior featuring the iconic turquoise logo, a miniature joystick, and a tiny screen. The Quarter Arcade version does not play an actual game, but it does play trippy audio and visual effects designed by experts and retro gaming enthusiasts to be in line with the urban legend. Also, it features a total of 10 USB hubs to power the rest of your gaming gear, so it will be a great fit in any Quarter Arcade collection.

Numskull’s Polybius Quarter Arcade Cabinet Charger is exclusively available at Just Geek. If you order it, it will come in nondescript black packaging with a message reading “top secret,” which sounds incredibly fitting. You can also buy a stylish pin badge or snapback bearing the iconic Polybius logo.

Polybius quarter arcade unit

The Polybius Quarter Arcade Cabinet Charger is now available for pre-order at $143.99 USD.

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