Nvidia are almost definitely teasing an RTX 40 series reveal next week


Clearly in direct response to that one moan I had about the lack of reliable GeForce RTX 40 series info, Nvidia are now teasing what’s very likely a launch event for their next generation of GPUs. The official Nvidia GeForce Twitter account has been vagueposting about something called #ProjectBeyond, starting with a coded image on September 8th and more recently listing a date and time: 8am PDT (4pm BST) on September 20th.

Given it’s about time in Nvidia’s preferred biannual cycle for a new graphics card generation, and it being the GeForce account rather than one of Nvidia’s non-gaming brands, and Nvidia also dropping the cryptic stuff and just straight-up confirming a “GeForce Beyond” show on the 20th, you can bet your sweet memory bus that September 20th will see some kind of RTX GPU announcement. The RTX 30 series, which has contributed most of the past two years’ best graphics cards, will finally begin its journey into semi-retirement.

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