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Oculus Removing Facebook Account Requirement Soon


Facebook, or as most will know them soon, Meta, will be removing from Oculus the requirement of using your Facebook account to log into the device and use it. The news came from Facebook Connect by Mark Zuckerberg.

Details on the Oculus Account Changes

As it currently stands, you need to sign in to your Facebook account to use the Oculus quest. A bizarre requirement for those who just wish to game. But it would not be so bad if the decision to delete your Facebook account didn’t also delete your purchases. This makes it a very bizarre and risky option in the VR space. However, as stated earlier, Mark Zuckerberg said they are looking into adding the option to use different accounts for Oculus.

This is great news, but some specifics still aren’t made clear. Will purchases made on Facebook accounts be shared across new accounts on the Oculus? Or will this just lower the bar of entry for gamers who don’t want to make a Facebook account? Right now VR is taking off with recent innovations in the space, such as Valve’s Half Life: Alyx, and with near limitless potential through movie interactivity and other means in the space. So keeping things simple for the average consumer is a great move, let’s just hope all the kinks are ironed out when this change is made.

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