Oddworld Soulstorm Is Now In A Place Its Team Is Proud Of

Oddworld Soulstorm's creative director has issued a statement regarding the new game's latest patch, labeling it one the team is very proud of.

The Abe's Odyssey saga continued this year via the launch of Oddworld Soulstorm. As has quickly become commonplace since Fall Guys started the trend last summer, Soulstorm debuted for free on PS Plus for subscribers with a PS5. Also like a lot of other games, Soulstorm wasn't entirely free of issues on release day, issues its team has been trying to fix ever since.

Seven updates later, Soulstorm's director Lorne Lanning has revealed the game is in a place the team can finally feel proud of. “We made a commitment to our community on April 6 that we would continue working on Oddworld: Soulstorm,” Lanning explained in the statement. “They have provided us with valuable feedback that helped us find, recreate, and fix issues/squash bugs.”

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Lanning has also detailed a number of the biggest changes made via Soulstorm's latest patch. Players can now remove the HUD if they so choose. That tweak comes following feedback that some didn't want to be told where every single Mud was hiding. Abe's movements have also been tweaked in a major way, making Soulstorm's protagonist feel a lot more natural. Improvements to the haptic feedback on PS5 have also been made.

The full list of improvements made to Soulstorm, which you can find at Eurogamer, is a long and impressive one. Clearly, Lanning and the rest of the Soulstorm team at Oddworld Inhabitants have been working incredibly hard across three months and seven updates. Not to mention the work they may have been putting in to bringing Soulstorm to Xbox. An ESRB rating suggests the PlayStation and PC exclusive will eventually make the jump to Xbox.

Anyone who may have been holding off on trying out Soulstorm will be pleased to hear it is in better shape than ever, so now is a great time to give it a spin. Do bear in mind that its availability as a free download through PS Plus has long since passed. You can still buy it on PS4, PS5, and PC though. Plus hopefully Xbox as well some time in the not too distant future.

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