Official World of Warcraft Hardcore servers are coming


Blizzard has announced that they will be creating “Hardcore” servers for World of Warcraft to fill what’s become a growing demand in recent weeks.

Hardcore servers follow similar rules to Hardcore Diablo characters; wherein if you die in-game your character is deleted. These Hardcore characters have a separate leaderboard for the bragging rights that comes from risking it all in every fight.

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World of Warcraft has implemented a softer version of Hardcore servers with their “Soul of Iron” buff. This buff is available only on Season of Mastery servers and can only be acquired on a character who hasn’t died; upon player death the character gets a debuff and can never get the Soul of Iron buff again. This allows players to use their Soul of Iron buff as proof of their Hardcore status.

Players have also been imposing their own rules and using addons designed to prove their Hardcore status. This style of play has been popularized recently by streamers like Asmongold and Savix.

The addition of Hardcore servers was announced during an unofficial “Hardcore All-Stars” stream with Blizzard employee Kaivax confirming the announcement in the forums.

As Senior Game Producer Aggrend just confirmed on the Hardcore All-Stars stream, we’ve been working to bring official Hardcore Classic gameplay to WoW Classic. We’ve been very energized by the community’s enthusiasm for Hardcore, watching along with you, and doing a lot of Hardcore play ourselves.

We’ll let you know much more about it soon!

A release date for World of Warcraft Hardcore servers have not been announced.

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