Old School RuneScape Blast Furnace guide: Requirements & how to use it in OSRS

an image of the blast furnace in osrs

Old School RuneScape has a wealth of smithing techniques to discover, but using the Blast Furnace is undoubtedly one of the best methods for using up your coal.

Runescape continues to thrive all these years later, and Old School Runescape is no exception to the game’s continued success. OSRS provides players with that unique nostalgia hit only Jagex can deliver, with the original Runescape experience perfectly preserved to explore.

You’ll likely need to get smithing as you upgrade your armaments and we’ve got you covered with one of the most efficient ways to do so.


An image of the blast furnace in old school runescape

The Blast Furnace is vital for players focusing on their smithing.

What are the Blast Furnace requirements in OSRS?

Getting the most of the Blast Furnace is vital for your armaments but it does require a few tasks to be completed beforehand. Make sure you’re stocked up on GP because the following tasks won’t be cheap:

  • Start ‘The Giant Dwarf’ quest to gain access to Keldagrim
  • You’ll need at least 60 smithing (with no boosts) or alternatively, pay 2,500 to the Blast Furnace foreman to smelt bars for 10 minutes
  • Every hour at the Blast Furnace will use 80,000 GP, so be prepared

To reduce your entrance fee, with recommend gaining the Ring of Charos (a). However, avoid using the ‘pay’ option with the Blast Furnace foreman as it will void the effects of the ring. You can gain this ring during The Creature of Fenkenstrain questline.

Bringing Ice Gloves to the Blast Furnace will help when you’re using the bar dispenser, as it will cool them off quickly for you to pick up. This will save time, instead of getting buckets of water repeatedly to cool your bars (and it’ll save inventory space too).

How to get to the Blast Furnace in OSRS

Before you get started on your journey to the Blast Furnace itself, it is worth noting that it’s only available in the following worlds: 352, 355, 358, 386, and 387. Once you’ve spoken the Giant Dwarf and proceeded into Keldagrim, you need to:

  • Head north and make your way across the bridge
  • Once you’ve crossed it, keep going south until you see the Blast Furnace icon on the map
  • Go inside the marked building, walk downstairs and you’ll find the furnace itself

After you’ve done this, it’ll be far easier to go there in the future. You can make use of the Grand Exchange shortcut on the northwest wall, take a trip in the minecart through Ice Mountain dwarven mines or use the minigame group finder to appear outside the building.

a map for Runescape highlighting the Blast Furnace

Glorious profit awaits in the Blast Furnace.

How to use the Blast Furnace in OSRS

It takes a little getting used to at first, but the minigame for the Blast Furnace is a breeze. To use the furnace, follow these steps:

  • Deposit your ore onto the conveyor belt
  • Run down the ramp prepared with a bucket of water or ice gloves
  • Cooldown your bars and bank them

Speed is essential here, so make sure to wear weight-reducing gear as your traverse the Blast Furnace. For players below 60 smithing, you’ll need a stamina potion and 25 ore, while also paying your fee every 10 minutes.

Experience and Profit per hour

This is a brilliant chance for OSRS players to level up and make a tidy profit in the process too. If you’re not sure about how much you’ll be gaining from using the Blast Furnace, this is what you can expect for experience:

  • Bronze bars – 16-19K EXP per hour
  • Iron bars – 70-75K EXP per hour
  • Steel bars – 90-95K EXP per hour
  • Silver bars – 75-80K EXP per hour
  • Gold bars (with goldsmith gauntlets) – 320-340K EXP per hour
  • Gold bars (without goldsmith gauntlets) – 125-130K EXP per hour
  • Mithril bars – 99-105K EXP per hour
  • Adamantite bars – 90-100K EXP per hour
  • Runite bars – 92-105K EXP per hour

In regards to making yourself some incredible profit, the Blast Furnace grants the following rewards:

  • Iron bars – 103-105K per hour
  • Steel bars – 930K per hour
  • Mithril bars – 620K per hour
  • Adamantite bars – 1.4M per hour
  • Runite bars – 1.8M per hour

And that’s all there is to the Blast Furnace is Old School Runescape. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our other guides:

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