OnePlus Ace Cooling System Includes New Crystal Ink Cooling Material

OnePlus Ace Cooling System

In ongoing product warm-up, today official bring out the OnePlus Ace cooling specifications, showing it more than 35198.2mm² of total cooling area, and the industry’s first super crystal ink cooling material.

According to the official data, the OnePlus Ace has a VC cooling area of 4129.8m㎡, and the total cooling area is 35198.2mm², which makes its overall cooling area increase by 60%.

OnePlus Ace Cooling System

From the data previously shown by OnePlus, with the super large cooling area, together with the Dimensity 8100-Max and HyperBoost game frame stabilization engine, it successfully solved the problem of game frame drops.

OnePlus Ace will debut with the Dimensity 8100-Max chip, jointly developed with MediaTek’s team enabling exclusive depth of customization in the field of game frame rate, AI computing, night shooting video comprehensive optimization, etc.

In addition to heat dissipation and processor, OnePlus Ace will also be equipped with an IMX766 sensor with OIS optical stabilization, 50-megapixels, 1/1.56-inch large base, single 1.0μm large pixel, and support for full pixel focus.

Other aspects, the OnePlus Ace will also have a long-life version of 150W flash charging, the fastest charging speed in the history of OnePlus. The front has a centered perforated screen and the back has an “electric waterfall” design, which is 8.2mm thick and weighs 186g.


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