Orcs Must Die 3 is finally coming to Steam

Orcs Must Die 3 is finally coming to Steam

Orcs Must Die 3 launched as a Stadia exclusive a year ago, and it's finally coming to more traditional platforms. As part of the PC Gaming Show, the devs have confirmed that OMD3 is coming to traditional platforms, including PC via Steam, on July 23.

The Orcs Must Die 3 Steam page is already live, and pre-orders are live at a price of $29.99 / £23.79 / €24.99. (The game was originally included for free with Stadia Pro subscriptions.) Pre-orders will get you access to a devilish selection of additional skins.

If you missed the details on the game ahead of the original Stadia release, Orcs Must Die 3 is essentially a bigger iteration of the action/tower defense formula. You'll still get traditional stages in the style of the previous two games, but you'll also see massive War Scenarios, where you'll take on massive waves of orcs with even more massive weapons and traps, as part of a new, full-length story campaign.

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