Outriders Developer Has Acquired Phosphor Games

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People Can Fly has been a developer that’s been around for quite sometime. In fact, you may be surprised at how big they are since they have somewhat flew under the radar in major game releases in the last few years. Not only that, they are also growing, it seems, and today we got word on some of that growth.

As announced by both companies, People Can Fly has acquired Phosphor Games. The developer was behind such games as The Brookhaven Experiment, Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Nether. With this acquisition, the studio will be renamed to People Can Fly Chicago, and brings the total staff of PCF up to 320 across several worldwide locations, with this being the third in America.

People Can Fly recently worked with Square Enix to release Outriders, and we know they are working on at least two unannounced titles, one of which is set to be released by Take-Two Interactive, and the other being another collaboration with Square Enix. There is no word yet on other projects.

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