Outriders Player Who Lost Their Items Will Get Them Back, But Better, People Can Fly Confirms

Outriders_03Outriders is doing really well, but it’s had its share of issues, most notably a bug that wiped players’ inventories. While People Can Fly has released a patch that should keep it from ever happening again, they’ll still haven’t returned players’ lost items.

While People Can Fly hasn’t announced a release date for the upcoming patch, the studio revealed on Reddit that when the items do come back, they “will have the same attribute combinations but with God Roll values.” Simply put, that means the items “will be at least the same if not better quality than the originally lost items.”

The reason the process is taking so long is because players are separated into three groups: those who have characters with an invalid inventory, characters that do not have invalid inventories but have lost gear, and players whose characters are perfectly fine. Because the groups are so large, the restoration process “involves analyzing every Outriders player profile in existence and scanning it for possible inventory corruption.”

The Reddit thread also talks about other problems with the game and answers player questions, so it’s worth checking out if you’re having issues. Hopefully, People Can Fly gets things fixed soon.

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