Overwatch Fan Makes Incredible Highlight Intro Montage

Overwatch edits are certainly not uncommon, as players love making montages of their best plays. However, the latest Overwatch compilation is a bit different, as it seamlessly combines several highlight intros.

Overwatch players can unlock and use several highlight intros, with the list only growing larger with each seasonal event and new hero addition. Shown before each play of the game, the intros do a great job of setting the stage, as they focus closely on the hero that will be at the center of the action. The intros are varied, though, as each shows off a hero’s skill being used. As such, making them sync up is a tough task, though the Redditor DiscombobulatedEye82 felt as if they were up to the challenge.

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The result of the fan’s hard work is a 41-second Overwatch video that sees the various animations perfectly chaining together. As mentioned in the title, the clip is “fast paced” and full of action, and it features some incredible moments. It opens with Ana lining up a shot, but as soon as she fires, Ashe is shown using her shotgun instead. Baptiste is made to look like he is catching Ashe’s dynamite, while Tracer transforms into Doomfist after leaping into the sky. Brigitte also combos with Lucio for a double-boop effect.

Here's a very fast paced edit I made of a bunch of highlight intros from

One of the coolest segments sees someone being knocked down after charging into a golden Orisa. After they wake up, Soldier 76 is shown looking down at them. Equally cool is Bastion’s transformation into a Junkrat tire, which is accomplished by showing part of the robot’s switch to turret mode. The player then jumps to Junkrat readying his tire, making the entire movement happen with no noticeable cuts. This kind of cleverness is seen throughout the entirety of the video, and unsurprisingly, the Overwatch community has a lot of praise for the post.

DiscombobulatedEye82’s hard work has received a staggering 15,000 upvotes in a single day, with over 400 comments delivering praise for the creator’s hard work. Many clearly love seeing the cast of Overwatch in such a unique way, and with the official highlight intros already looking so good, this fan video is extremely polished. As pointed out in the comments by xxeii, nearly every hero is represented in the video, though a few do not make the cut. D.Va, Winston, Genji, Sombra, and Torbjorn are nowhere to be seen, as their intros likely did not mesh well with the others used in this edit.

Comment from discussion xxeii's comment from discussion "Here's a very fast paced edit I made of a bunch of highlight intros".

With players suggesting ways for the forgotten heroes to be worked into this clip, though, the player base would clearly like to see more compilations like this one. While it is unclear if any similar edits will come so that heroes like Genji can have time to shine, this one is truly spectacular.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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